A lovely family is waiting for their little angel coming

This is a really sweet family with a very sweet little boy. He comes close to me almost immediately when we met at the first time. Love this family. Two kids mean twice the love and twice the fun. May your second child be as sweet, smart and beautiful as this little sweetie. Congratulations!



Love is…

Love is not limited to humans but also animals. Gaga the tri-colors cat is a very calm little girl and the yellow-stripped one is a very energetic little boy. They were in straight fight when they first met each other 2 months ago.  After some times, they are very good companions and always show us how they love each other.


This little boy will have a little sister in the coming April. Hope he will love his sister as much as his parents love him.

IMG_3874People always say daughter was the lover of her daddy in previous incarnation. I cannot agree more from this scene.


This little boy is showing his love to his newborn little brother. How sweet!

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A cute boy is excited to be a big brother

It is big brother. You know the joys that come from little toes and baby bows. Now it is time to do it all again. Dive in to the snuggles and kisses for the second time around. I am so happy for you! Congratulations on your second child!







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